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I ain't got anything too special, but I'd appreciate if you took just a peek at what's within this gallery. :3


So, some arguments you hear nowadays about Pokémon games (and of course games in general) are about LINEARITY. I'll be the first to say that the Unova region was the definition of linearity, with no detours allowed anywhere (maybe BW2 solved that problem; I haven't played them fully so I can't tell for sure). You had a simple story, a path, and you had to go from point A in Nuvema to point B at the league, effectively completing half a lap around all of Unova. That doesn't mean it was a bad game; it just meant that this was the only route you could possibly take to advance.

Having recently played the Dark Souls series for the first time, I noticed some things that RBY actually did to some extent (and maybe GSC/RSE as well): it forked at one point or another. In Dark Souls's case, of course, it forks right off the bat, offering you a number of areas which then allow you access every single area in the rest of the game. These initial areas, accessible from the hub one, are clearly made to cater to some less experienced (and/or low leveled) players, with slower moving enemies and clearly identifiable patterns of attacking. If you want, though, you can just do an entire area's complete route all the way to the end, get the big treasure you need to get, and then follow the path to another big treasure, which necessarily begins at one of the remaining initial areas.

It got me thinking about how plausible applying a mechanic such as this to Pokémon. Granted the battle mechanics have a lot of differences, with DS's level almost not influencing how well you fight: mostly because this depends on your own timing and pacing. Note that what I'm about to say isn't exactly a crossover: it's taking notes from the mechanics of one game and attempting to create rules in another. It's not taking characters/story/etc..

But the idea of having a limited amount of areas accessible to you right from the beginning, which you then have to explore to access other areas, is very enticing. It brings only one big problem: level scaling. Imagine there are 3 areas in the beginning. After going through the first, the second might not seem like much of a challenge because it would have the same level, and the third would be a complete joke. This might be a non-problem, because it reflects the experience you have gathered so far and how much you've grown.

There's another problem, which is that this involve some backtracking. Another very well known mechanic of Dark Souls is the bonfire, which resets all enemies in the area and restores all your health. It also allows you to hop from the bonfire of one area to another. Obviously an HM such as Fly would break that entirely, so I'd consider that scrapped for now. But what if the Pokemon Centers were, in fact, the "bonfires"?

ekansCross by DonLawride
Introducing the Ekans Cross, which would allow you to warp instantly to the last Pokemon Center you were in regardless of where you are (doesn't work if you're in a battle of course).
pokeScreen by DonLawride
And introducing a little upgrade system to your own movement speed (yeah yeah I've already implemented this to make sure it worked :P).

There's a few more things I wanted to talk about, but I'll leave you with this for now. Given I've been off the fangame scene for a while, I'm very much out of the loop. If done, this'd prolly be my last work in the area. xD

So, now I ask: how feasible would you consider this to be?


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I bet'ch'ya wanted to know :3

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